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Alder tree

As I was walking Zac today I was noticing the differences in appearances of trees and mentally comparing hawthorn and alder when I realised that although I can visualise the appearance of most of the common local tree types I had no idea what an alder tree’s bark looked like – even though I drew one a couple of days ago!  When I saw this rather nice looking alder growing in the sheep field by the river it seemed a good chance to draw it.  Zac was much less impressed because I chose to draw a larger picture and so kept him waiting much longer!IMG_8072


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Catching up on daily sketches!

Three sketches to start catching up…

Round hill near the junction of the river Leven and the river Tees.


Alder tree – fantastic little trees with fascinating little cones.


Young sycamore? tree


I think I’m now 2 days behind 😦

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Beech tree

Because I spend more time walking in woodland than I spend sketching in woodland I find more and more that I set out on a sketching trip with a particular tree or location in mind.  Today was no exception.  This is a beech tree in Saltburn woods growing on the edge of a steep slope.  If the slope was rock we would call it a cliff as it is it is just earth covered with a treacherous layer of rotting leaves.

The first picture is my sketch of the day, the second picture is a photo of the same tree taken earlier in the year.



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Saltburn Valley Gardens

I’m sorry, I’ve been terribly remiss about my daily sketches.  Hopefully now I am back on track.

Sketch from Saltburn Valley Gardens, if you know Saltburn Woods this is the view looking across the beck below the Woodlands Centre.

I love this particular view and I hoped it would give me opportunity to explore the appearance of a woodland floor in more detail. I settled down happily to start sketching a double page spread.  However I had overlooked the effect of the damp conditions on the local wildlife – I had barely started before I was attacked by swarms of midges in such numbers as I have only previously met in the Scottish Highlands.  I lasted as long as I could but eventually I fled the scene taking a few photos so I could finish the sketch later in a midge free zone.  This is how it has turned out.